Name established in 1992, Gemco has evolved itself as a conglomeration of thoroughbred professionals in the field of Automobile passenger Car segments. With a rapid growth propelled by a devoted team, we have emerged as one of the most sought after names in Automobile Industry, our products are upholding the highest standard and policy. We provide Auto part-solutions to a diverse range with 110 stockiest in India with our products range (Rubber parts, Hoses & Fuel lines, Steering & Suspension, Rakes & Disc Pads, Engineering Parts, Oil Seals and Control Cables). Cost competitive with high-quality and specifications control are the unique propositions of our company.


The corporate office in Delhi is fully equipped to meet the requirements of any magnitude. This office is the hub center of our operations with dedicated departments, each headed by the highly experienced professionals, the team include 4 seniors Area Sales Managers, along with the 12 Marketing Sales Representative in all over India, all working under the direct supervision of Mr.Deepak Gupta, M.D.

Creative Depatment

Product innovation is often the result of new combinations of design, material, tooling and process. Product development capabilities at Gemco include an integrated design work stations that support a complete range of software and operation platform including Pro-E, CAD/CAM & Catia; headed by a creative Director.

Quality Assurance

Statistical quality control for measuring process capability to ensure the quality of the finished products. Commitment to quality and sense of innovation is deep rooted. The company have achieved ISO 9001:2000 Certificate issued by DNV Certification Services -a world renowned quality management institute for best performance in Quality Management services.